By Roberta N. Tuthill *

If I could speak I’d tell you how my old twin-lamp and I

Gave light to share God’s glory, tell of fire from Heav’n on High.

For six weeks Parham held vigil, summer days nineteen-o-five

At Bryan Hall in Houston. How that place did come alive!


If I could speak, I’d tell you how the Holy Ghost came down,

Revealed Christ’s power and glory to the people gathered ‘round,

So believing sons and daughters, born in that generation,

Could live out Jesus’ challenge, show God’s pow’r in ev’ry nation!


If I could speak, I’d tell you of miracles that transpired

Of all kinds and descriptions, with the witnesses inspired

When cripples, bound to wheel-chairs, were enabled then to walk,

And some who’d been unable, were enabled then to talk.


If I could speak, I’d tell you how the news spread out from there

By voice, in print, on horseback; great revival in the air!

To west, to east and southward spread the good news from the north,

The Holy Spirit witnessed as God’s Word was spoken forth.


If I could speak, I’d tell you (just a humble lamp am I),

That in this generation all must on God’s grace rely.

I’d tell you true, that He is grieved by all the separations,

His body so divided between all denominations.


If I could speak, I’d tell you that the Cross must be the theme,

Christ’s blood the test of fellowship, with nothing else between.**

Let pride and all self-righteousness that raise their ugly head

Be recognized for what they are, and shunned with utmost dread.


If I could speak, I’d tell you, in the holy sight of God,

There is no room for greediness, His love is shed abroad.

Let others always be esteemed more worthy than oneself,

Lest God deem you unworthy, and set you on a shelf.


If I could speak, I’d say: “Beware, if thought, or word, or deed

May have a long-range consequence you’d do well to take heed.”

Let holy love, true charity that’s born of God’s true grace,

Be shed abroad abundantly among this human race.


If I could quote the crucial words that Jesus spoke in prayer,

After Judas left the room, and eleven lingered there,

The most important words He prayed: “That they all may be one,”

So unsaved ones may see, and then believe God sent His Son.


Let us resolve to focus on answering Jesus’ prayer. – John 17:20-21

© 1/24/2006-9/16,18/2010, Roberta N. Tuthill (1923- )

**This is That, Aimee McPherson’s autobiography, pg 736


* Authors Note: The poem above describes the events that happened during and after the historic revival which began January 1, 1901 in Topeka, Kansas.

This Hitchcock mechanical lamp (pictured), one of a pair, was used to light the podium for the Charles F. Parham revival meetings at Bryan Hall in Houston, TX, summer 1905.

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