Posted by: bertatut | April 17, 2011



 by Roberta N. Tuthill


It’s just a quick note with assurance of prayers

For divine intervention in all your affairs.

May all your concerns be dissolved by God’s grace,

So gen’rously tendered toward man’s sinful race!


Like a sonic device locates planes that are downed,

Assisting brave rescuers down on the ground

To locate the lost ones, though sight be impaired,

And bring them to safety, such precious lives spared!


Even so we walk now, by faith not by sight;

To our feet a Word-lamp…and to our path a light.

When suffering anguish, pain not understood,

It’s hard to know how God might work it for good.


Homing in on our faith, like a beam, Christ on high,

Reminding us always that He lingers nigh.

Faith’s “mustard seed,” small, yet so mighty to save,

Emits a strong signal, from land, or sea’s wave. 


So prayers will continue, they’re based on His Word.

The promise of Jesus, by ailing ones heard,

Has not been rescinded, nor weakened in power,

Brings glory to God in this world’s darkened hour!


   — Roberta N. Tuthill, Copyright 1/15/2009 1-3 pm

       Dedicated to John W. Cooke, for whom it was given.

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