Posted by: suetv | August 11, 2011

2nd Ammendment


by Roberta N. Tuthill


When Freedom is ignored, and we’ve no right to self-defense,

And criminals can go “scot-free,” it really makes no sense!

When law-abiding citizens must register their  arms,

While guns in hands of criminals get by with no alarms.

Instead of focusing their wrath on guns in lawful hands,

Why don’t Legislators target guns of lawless bands?


The Number 2 in Bill of Rights, right after Speech that’s Free,

Is meant for self-protection in this Land of Liberty!

When law-enforcement, spread so thin, can’t cover every base,

We need our guns to self-protect, when criminals we face!

And when we do, we need our rights protected by the law.

When “right to crime” takes precedent, there’s legal-system flaw!


Seems criminals have “rights to practice crime” without remorse,

While citizens abide by law, and find they’ve no recourse.

We’re on the verge of anarchy, and lawlessness will reign

When “Rule of Law” is overruled, as elitists make their claim!

When jungle laws take over, then we’ll devour each other,

Forgetting that, in fact, we are a sister or a brother.


© 5/31/2011 11 am, Roberta N. Tuthill (1923- )  TX-born DAR

Dedicated to the shop-keeper who defended himself and co-workers.

Shareable intact with credit line. Request permission to reproduce for sale.,,,

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